About Us

What Makes Us Different

What is CLA:  Cardiovascular Labs of America is a Dallas based cardiovascular company that prides itself on delivering top notch care for patients and a world class facility for physicians to care for those patients.  We took a long look at the current model of care for vascular patients in the community.  We examined the short falls and the costs associated with hospital based care.  We then took the years of experience of our board and medical director and developed CLA.

Why Cardiovascular Labs of America?:  We believe that experience, safety, cost and comfort are the most important factors when deciding where to receive your care.

Experience:  Our CEO, Coleman Fiihr, has 15 yrs experience in the Cardiovascular field, with much of that time spent working in the outpatient setting.  He has taken all these years of exposure to multiple facilities and hospitals and has created his best practices to create CLA.  We want to ensure that every patient has a positive experience from start to finish.

Endovascular Treatment Services - Cardiovascular Labs of America


First Class Amenities

At Cardiovascular Labs of America, our number one goal is to provide our Cardiovascular patients with a level of care that provides the comfort of home in a safe and professional atmosphere. By helping to take the stress out of your visit we feel we can help provide better patient outcomes.

  • 4 hour total admit time for procedures on average (8 hours in hospital)
  • Mobile ultrasound solutions, We come to you
  • Large flatscreen televisions with Netflix for pre and post procedure entertainment
  • Lunch provided at no cost
  • Transportation provided when medically appropriate


  • All outpatient so virtually no risk of hospital acquired infections (MRSA)
  • Every patient receives sedation from a CRNA, this is a professional who’s only focus us ensuring your comfort and safety during the procedure.  This enables the physician to focus soley on your procedure, ensuring the best possible outcome.  In the hospital the circulating nurse gives the sedation in addition to a host of other duties.
  • Nursing ratio-We are proud to be able to provide patients with the lowest possible nursing ratios. We never exceed 1.5 patients per nurse with a direct line of sight on all patients.  This ensures a smooth recovery from your procedure.  In the hospital the ratio is much high with no real line of sight, meaning if a complication do happen post procedure, they are much less likely to catch it before it becomes an issue.


Cost:  The nature of our business and structure allows us to be 30%-40% less than the hospital.  As a patient one of the biggest issues with  procedure billing in the hospital is multiple bills being sent for the physicians, nursing care, facility charges, potential in patient care etc.  When you receive billing from CLA, you will receive 1 bill that covers all services provided.

Comfort:  We Believe that the one thing you will remember about your time at CLA is how comfortable was the experience.  Whether its your initial visit with our Drs. Or your endovascular procedure we know that our patients are our biggest advocates.  We make sure that through every step of the process we ensure you are relaxed and comfortable with the care we are providing you.  If you are ever unhappy or unsure about what we have recommended for your care, please tell us and we will do everything in our power to improve your experience.